Introductory Meeting

Consultation, advice and fitness level check which includes the following:
1. General health state consultation
2. Checking and Noting the circumstances of the client’s lifestyle
3. Setting goals
4. Specific expert advice regarding rest and nutrition
5. Anthropometric measurements
6. Fitness level test focusing on key areas needed for improvement

Work Out Programs

1. Explanation of all bodybuilding and cardio related phrases
2. Demonstration (the correct way of doing) and explanation of all exercises
3. Focusing and helping the client’s movements all the time
4. Motivating the client during all sessions
5. Documenting all workouts

Every month I do check-ups on the progress the individual makes in order to be in control of staying focused and goal orientated!
All other relevant personal training related request can be discussed in person or via email.

Personal Training Weight Loss
Building Muscle Mass
Getting into shape
Strength Conditioning
Spinning Individually or as part of a group for football players or any athletes
T-flex Individually or as part of a group